Smooth Quality Management Through Wiki Technology


Storz & Bickel



The Challenge

In order to continue to meet the high demands in the future, it was necessary to store the underlying documents for comprehensive quality management in a structured manner and accessible for all employees.

So far, STORZ & BICKEL has handled these processes on paper and partly electronically. Information was distributed via the employees' mailboxes or the local file storage system. This made it more difficult to jointly access this content, which ultimately had an impact on the workflow.

A suitable solution had to be found in order to improve productivity, increase transparency and increase collaboration. The aim was to implement an IT-supported quality management manual. A flexible system was sought that could be used across departments and locations.

STORZ & BICKEL decided to go with nuveon mWiki - a highly flexible platform based on Wiki technology. This Web 2.0-capable solution is characterized by extensive scalability and device independence - two aspects that reinforced the decision in favor of the nuveon platform. 

The Solution

In an introductory phase of just 3 months, nuveon mWiki was integrated into the operational processes of STORZ & BICKEL. Since then, the solution has served as a central communication platform for all employees. The professional service by the nuveon team was the basis for the seamless implementation in the existing business processes.

The distributed filing of documents has given way to a central, web-based filing. Within a very short time, this intranet-based solution has developed into a communication medium that facilitates information sharing and at the same time supports access to work processes and instructions in quality management.

The openness of the new system is a great advantage for everyone involved. "Due to the web-based collaboration, the integration of colleagues from the USA was possible without any problems. Mobile access to documents, for example from home offices, is now possible thanks to nuveon mWiki," explains Martina Mahner, assistant to the technical management in the area of ​​quality management at STORZ & BICKEL .

The company not only benefits from the rapid involvement of all those involved in the flow of information. Because the system documents all changes within the framework of efficient version management, which means that even accidental deletion of documents can be reversed. 



With nuveon mWiki, STORZ & BICKEL has introduced a platform for communication and collaboration that has improved organizational discipline in all areas of the company. Changes can be traced at any time and the access and distribution of information has been simplified across the board. All employees benefit from this.

"For over 3 years we have been implementing quality management in our company with nuveon. The high scalability of the solution and the possibility of connecting to external systems pays off time and again for us in everyday life and thus contributes to the satisfaction of our customers" says Berthold Maier. Technical manager at STORZ & BICKEL, convinced of the solution.

The wiki-based platform is no longer just a central quality management manual. The simple and understandable operation of nuveon mWiki has increased acceptance, so that more and more documents find their way into the flexible system. It is therefore being expanded into a document management system that contains, for example, certificates, confidentiality agreements and technical documentation.


A close relationship with the specialists at nuveon will continue to be important to those responsible for the project in the future. “From the user's point of view, having an influence on the further design of the solution is an unbeatable advantage. Functionalities that are important to us, such as searching within files, have meanwhile found their way into nuveon mWiki. We really appreciate this high level of flexibility” sums up Berthold Maier. 

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