Flexible Production Data Acquisition at the Push of a Button


Monninger Federn



The Challenge

As a company in the manufacturing industry, Monninger Federn particularly focuses on efficient and flexible production. One focus in this area is the acquisition of production data, such as times and quantities. This so-called production data acquisition (BDE) is a fundamental element in modern companies and contributes significantly to the design, evaluation and optimization of existing processes.


Monninger Federn therefore decided to look for a suitable solution that would electronically record existing operating data and integrate it into the existing business processes. The focus was on aspects such as ease of use by employees and comprehensive data integration. The company therefore decided to go with nuveon mHub. The solution, based on flexible Wiki technology, is designed to optimize production processes and addressed the desired functionalities in the PDA environment. At the same time, the Web 2.0-based approach opened up new possibilities in daily use.

The Solution

When the nuveon mHub was commissioned, Monninger Federn benefited above all from its ability to be integrated into the existing infrastructure. The solution was implemented in the manufacturing processes in just two days. This also included a link to the existing Infor ERP application.


Based on the existing standard interfaces of nuveon mHub, the interaction could be realized in a very short time - an important aspect for the planning and evaluation of the machine efficiency.


“The committed, competent team at nuveon has made this project an asset for our company. In particular, the fact that we can use the solution at the workstations without installing it also accelerated implementation" says Dipl.-Ing. Dipl. Wirtsch.-Ing. Timm Rogoll, Managing Director of Monninger Federn, convinced of nuveon mHub.

Due to the high degree of modularity, the application can be continuously expanded without any problems. This means that the solution grows with the increasing requirements. As a medium-sized company, this was a decisive argument in favor of nuveon mHub for Monninger Federn.


The close coupling with the workstation terminals now enables seamless order tracking and material booking in production. This not only ensures more transparency, but also increases the quality of the processes.


Employees are also only confronted with functionalities that they absolutely need to carry out their work, because the web-based user interface of nuveon mHub can be flexibly adapted to the needs of different user groups. In addition, the integrated personnel time recording (PZE) is a solid basis for payroll accounting. This process is now completely transparent for the employees, who do not have to make any further entries at the workstations. This means that everyone involved benefits from increased efficiency.



For two years, nuveon mHub has been the client's reliable companion when it comes to all questions in the field of production data acquisition. Thanks to the intelligent coupling with the Infor ERP solution, bookings, for example with regard to capacities and materials, can be quickly and easily linked to business processes.

The solution was particularly convincing with its intuitive operation and open interfaces, which enable browser-based access from any end-device. “Our employees were able to switch to the new system without any time-consuming training. Since then, we have benefited from the flexible and reliable operation of the nuveon solution in conjunction with improved profitability in our production processes” says Timm Rogoll, summarizing the advantages of the solution.

For the future, Monninger Federn is planning to integrate a key figure system based on the balanced scorecard Methodology. This extends the possibilities in the area of ​​monitoring and reporting without complex programming. An additional expansion stage provides for the integration of mobile touch devices as well as RFID-capable readers in order to enable employees to log on to the workplace terminals without contact.

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