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The nuveon ecosystem


We offer a solid and scalable 

IIoT development platform,

together with a comprehensive suite of customizable IIoT applications for enterprises


Our IIoT development platform


Our Manufacturing Execution System

Our Collaborative Knowledge Platform

Our product configurator

Custom solutions to address mission-critical challenges


inFuse | IIoT development platform

InFuse is the connective tissue for all external and internal enterprise data sources, and the ideal platform to launch IIoT applications. Built progressively over years of large-scale deployments, inFuse is a proven and reliable technology that is being used by more than 40 organizations in a wide variety of industries.

Its unique layered architecture creates a powerful enabling ecosystem to capture the full value of the Internet of Things

Scalable, technology-independent environment, to integrate data from any internal or external stream.


Flexible and intuitive browser based interface to access and manage data at any time, form any device.


Clean and consistent programming framework to achieve rapid prototyping and deployment of applications at scale.


Standard programming technology to ensure independence and protect investment.


Powerful administration tools for ease of maintenance.


Secured environment with integrated backup methods and various encryption possibilities.

inFuse | Layered architecture


Interoperability and scalability at its best, with readily available tools and a comprehensive development environment to build custom applications

Platform independent (Windows, Linux)


Database independent (Oracle, SQL server, Postgres, etc)


Interfaces to underlying enterprise systems (ERP, CMS, MES)


Adapters for scanners, smartcards and machines (I/O systems)


Office integration (Word, Excel, Access) and comprehensive messaging functions (email, RSS, SOA)


Interfaces for systems integrators (CSV, XML, SQL, etc)


Business intelligence tools (ETL, OLAP, Charts, Reporting)

"Everything we do at nuveon is based on inFuse:

a proven and reliable technology, which allows us, our clients and partners, to rapidly create cross-industry applications with maximum performance, stability and scalability."

mHub | Full stack or modular MES

mHub is nuveon's Manufacturing Execution System (MES) with unlimited expansion options. Through its unified data repository, rich reporting tools and intuitive user interface, it provides all the required functions to run a more efficient production and delivers smart data streams to enhance everyone's decision making.

We offer a comprehensive set of applications, which can be implemented as a unified system from day one, or chosen independently to interact with other systems

MDA: Machine Data Acquisition


PDA: Production Data Acquisition


APS: Advanced Planning & Scheduling


PTT: Personnel Time Tracking


Multi-point user interface: desktop, terminal, mobile, wearables

Through its web-based architecture, all mHub applications are easily configured to seamlessly integrate into existing workflows and the existing infrastructure.  Additionally, we can develop customized tools to address specific challenges within your operations.


Increased operational efficiency and competitiveness, with an end-to-end manufacturing execution system. It provides purposeful data that is accessible anytime, on any device

Fast response time at unlimited transactions per month


Platform-independent: Windows, Linux


Database-independent: Oracle, SQL server, Postgres, etc


Multi-ERP compatibility: SAP, infor, proALPHA, cimdata


Ready-to-go adapters for Scanners, Smartcards, RFID tags and label printers


Readily available adapters to a wide variety of I/O Systems:

OPC (Siemens S7, uva), Modbus (Rockwell, Wago, Beckhoff), WebIO  –W&T- for Legacy NC


SaaS enabled, Cloud ready


Secure transactions with consistent commit/rollback handling


Referential integrity and precise time frames with no gaps


Coherent and modular architecture


Intuitive terminal usability with minimal training requirements

mHub | Elements


Machine Data Acquisition

The machine data acquisition (MDA) is what enables our system to interact and capture data from the physical world. Regardless of the machine, sensor or device, nuveon mHub integrates seamlessly in your production via interfaces to external I/O devices, direct PLC access and an OPC gateway. We also have ready-to-go adapters to other devices such as scanners, smart card readers, RFID tags and label printers.


Our MDA automatically records and distributes all the required data for comprehensive process analysis, avoidance of machine downtime and optimization of uptime. Unlike other products, mHub MDE interacts actively with the production and operating data, enabling a complete and accurate monitoring of production in real time.

Connection of machines without time- or cost-intensive adjustments


Process data acquisition for all plant and machine types


Quick response times and accurate split-second detection


High reliability


Integrated reporting


Fully web-based (SaaS / cloud ready)


Production Data Acquisition

From production orders, to workstation information, to personal data, all operating data can be recorded with nuveon mHub PDA. The single web-based interface provides real-time access to the information that is relevant at each level of the organization. Customized and detailed reports can be easily created to ensure that everyone's job is made simpler and better.

Central recording and evaluation of all available data


Company-wide use


Fully integrated with underlying enterprise systems (ERP)


Terminal and device independent


Easy-to-learn and easy-to-use


Fully web-based (SaaS / cloud ready)


Advanced Planning & Scheduling

mHub APS allows you to keep track of production processes and to plan the sound use of all resources - personnel, materials, workstations, tools and machines. Our web-based architecture provides access to a rich portfolio of built-in analytics across departments: KPI cockpit, maturities, machine utilization, modes, downtimes and more.

Precise planning, management and control of production processes


Extensive, automated reports


Identification of critical success factors


Graphical analysis


Company-wide access via a web browser


Fully integrated with underlying enterprise systems (ERP)


Integrated PPS interface


Fully web-based (SaaS / cloud ready)


Multi-point User Interface

Thanks to its web-based architecture and responsive design, mHub's interface has been easily adapted into a fully mobile solution that works on smartphones, tablets, rugged mobile devices, and even wearables -nuveon was one of the first companies to implement Google Glass.

Special mHub mobile features

Precise planning, management and control of production processes


Extensive, automated reports

Special mHub Glass features

Personalized workstation and interface setting through automatic visual recognition


Quality checks through dynamic photo function


On-the-go training and ease of maintenance services supported by instructions and work-process overlays

The spread of wearables technologies is laying the foundation for a new era in smart manufacturing, make sure you stay ahead of the curve and secure a competitive advantage.

"mHub is the ideal Manufacturing Execution System to streamline your operations and lead your business into a flourishing future."

mWiki | Shared knowledge

Wikis are ideal to collect, share and update knowledge in a structured and open way. However, many solutions are not suitable for use in companies or organizations. mWiki provides a robust platform that is designed for a long-term, professional use. All sorts of data can be easily fed and edited into the system, from product data, to customer-related information, to quality and operational data. mWiki is the optimal open platform to ensure the organic spread of knowledge throughout an organization.

Take mWiki as basis for your company-specific information solution. Here is a sample of how our customers use mWiki

Customer Management System (CMS)

Document Management System (DMS)

Knowledge Management System

Mail archiving

Document generation

Cloud sharing

mWiki | Benefits at a glance

User-friendly operation, flexible expansion

Browser as a user interface, so no costly client installations or additional software such as Citrix is necessary

Works independently of operating system, database, computer architecture (64-bit capable), browser and plug-ins

Reliable, proven technology

Fast full-text search (PDF, Word, Excel, PP, etc.)

Embeded nterfaces for system integration (CSV, XML, SQL, etc.) and automation technology (IO, PLC, OPC)

Office integration (Word, Excel, Access Import / Export) and comprehensive messaging functions (email, RSS, SOA)

Business Intelligence tools (ETL, OLAP, Charts, Reporting)

Prepared for hosting in data centers (SaaS / cloud ready)


mVariants | Product Configurator

Nuveon helped Neuform-Tür, a leading door manufacturer in Germany, to create a web-based configurator for custom-made doors using the mVariants module from nuveon’s mHub. Conceived as a solution for businesses relying on a high level of customization and variability within its product portfolio, mVariants is a model that allows specifying all the possible variables of a product and its derived constraints. The model is then used as basis for a web-based product configurator that is linked to the actual production data.

The custom user interface designed for Neuform, can be used by sales personnel, business partners, and even customers. Once the product is configured, previews of the product can be easily generated as SVG, PDF, or even as DXF files for use in CAD software by construction professionals. The application, which currently allows 108 billion variants, represents a leap towards true responsive manufacturing in B2B ecosystems.


Custom projects

Process Management

Nuveon helped Weber, a world leader in slicing machines for the food-processing industry, to implement a custom process management software using nuveon inFuse as the implementation platform. The software, called Weber Process Management (WPM), bridges the gap between the ERP system and the actual slicing/packaging lines of products that are distributed all over the world.  Using OPC-UA as a communication protocol, WPM is deeply integrated into the machines. It provides a unique user interface with real-time performance data of each machine and a visualization of the complete production line.

As a state-of-the-art IIoT application, WPM enables and optimizes fully automated production lines in ways that go beyond the capabilities of conventional MES systems. The software was introduced to the public at the international trade fair IFFA 2016 in Frankfurt, with an overwhelming reception.