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Allgaier Group

Quickly capture and analyze errors with the automated defect capture


"With today's fully digitized defect capture from nuveon, we are able to visualize the main points of error within seconds and at the push of a button and counteract them with targeted measures..."

Antonino Maio, Lean Management


The challenge

If a defective part occurred during automotive series production, the Allgaier Group made a classic scrap or rework posting via the nuveon mHub terminal, which is available to employees at almost every system.

As a result, the bookings could be transmitted and evaluated with a respective error code, but the location and frequency remained unknown in the system. 

The aim was to achieve analyzes and "lessons learned" effects by precisely identifying errors and their frequency on certain components. In order to obtain data of the highest possible quality, it is important to have the employees carry out the digital defect detection exactly where the respective defect is first detected: on the outfeed conveyor of the system, when the manufactured parts are removed and visually inspected. Maximum speed and user-friendly system are the key.


The solution

Access to nuveon's digital defect capture is via a touch monitor, which is located directly next to the removal of the manufactured parts, and is fully integrated into the existing mHub platform. This means that when a production order is loaded at the mHub shop floor terminal, the associated error recording is automatically loaded and/or updated on the screen at the removal station. No employee activities are required for this!

If the employee finds a component defect, he marks the exact spot using a displayed grid, which is projected over the CAD image, enters the defect code and records the component as scrap or rework. The defect locations that have already been recorded, including their number in the current production, and the top defect codes are also constantly displayed. A colored heat map shows at a glance how high the error frequency is at the respective point.

The subsequent and resulting management reports show analyzes and main areas of error in a wide variety of variants and can be adjusted as required and as desired. Likewise, measures for the upcoming production of the respective component are determined on their basis, which can then be checked for success. 

Furthermore, the already known fault patterns of individual components can be displayed in downstream production, so that the employees there are sensitized in advance.



A user-friendly system that records defeccts on site during production enables the Allgaier team to carry out a detailed error analysis and an overview of the main areas and frequencies of errors. Thanks to the automatic documentation of measures from analysis reports, smarter decisions can be made for future production.

An important advantage of digital defect capture from nuveon is the increase in error awareness among employees. Of course, this also has an effect on customer service, as Mr. Maio states: "Our customer feedback on production inspections and audits is also consistently very positive!"

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