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Case studies

With innovative solutions for a competitive advantage


Read more about the successful use of nuveon's product range in cross-industry applications. In our case studies, you will experience how innovative companies have gained a competitive advantage with our solutions.














Solution: mVariants

mVariants Konfigurator

RZB is a manufacturer of highly individual steel frames in the contract sector. Until now, time-consuming manual entries were necessary in order to be able to record the complex products in all their diversity. The price determination was error-prone and not consistently logical. With mVariants, Nuveon had the perfect solution for both challenges. Working in partnership, it was possible to represent the entire product portfolio in a single model. The result is a web-based, comprehensive product configurator for quotation and order entry, including complete project management and sales control.

AUTOMOTIVE | Allgaier Group

Module: MES

The Allgaier Group is a leading system supplier to the automotive industry. Thanks to nuveon's fast prototype capabilities and short delivery times, the Allgaier Group was able to turn production operations with manual data sources into highly automated, efficient and integrated data acquisition using web-based terminals in just three months. Little training effort was required thanks to the intuitive user interface. The employees immediately noticed a lower potential for errors and more productivity.

MES terminal

MACHINERY | Monninger Springs

MES status cards

Module: MES

Monninger Springs GmbH produces technical springs for industrial use. In just two days, mHub was integrated into the production processes - including a connection to the existing ERP application Infor. In addition, the implementation of the mHub PZE, the personnel time recording system, provides a healthy basis for efficient human resources management. The overall result: More transparency and higher quality process structures.

AUTOMOTIVE | Allgaier Group

Instandhaltung: Wartungsplan bearbeiten

Module: Maintenance

A complete transition of maintenance from paper-based to fully digital was a critical need for a company of this size and reputation. Machine maintenance, which includes cleaning and repairs, among other things, must be accurate and error-free to avoid delays in production. With nuveon's maintenance module, workers can accurately identify, track and record maintenance tasks through a user-friendly interface including an intuitive color-coded map of machine layout and status.

AUTOMOTIVE | Allgaier Group


Module: Defect Capture

When it comes to defect capturing, there is no room for errors! For this reason, the nuveon defect capture module was the right solution for Allgaier Group. In addition to easily capturing defects in the field by marking their location on a CAD image, the operator is able to analyze captured defects based on patterns and trends, and apply lessons learned quickly and clearly. Fast and accurate defect capture helps managers make important decisions regarding the continuation of production.

AUTOMOTIVE | Willi Elbe Group

Calculation technology

The Willi Elbe Group provides driving and control technology for the international automotive and transport industry. In order to meet increased customer requirements in this highly competitive environment, nuveon has developed a state-of-the-art product price calculation system that takes into account all relevant cost items from production to operations - including wage costs and material procurement.  With the system, the company can create offers directly for the customer, but also calculate business cases, plan costs in advance and weigh up an investment.

MEDICAL | Storz & Bickel


Storz & Bickel is a manufacturer of high-quality vaporizers with locations in Germany and the USA. Developed as the backbone of the company's internal quality management, nuveon's mWiki is now used as a communication platform that enables the exchange of knowledge and information as well as access to workflows and instructions at any time. The archiving function of documents as well as the simple and flexible structure of mWiki transform the system into an ideal document management system for the entire company.

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