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nuveon's revolutionary
configurator technology for sales in the manufacturing industry

We have the ideal solution for your diversity - the web-based software for your variant product!


nuveon accompanies you in the digitization of your complete product portfolio - THE prerequisite for Industry 4.0!

We provide your employees and/or customers with an innovative configurator for your sales process. This maps your complete, plausibility-checked company knowledge in digitized form. The mVariants solution centralizes knowledge, reduces training times, standardizes processes and provides intelligent evaluations for corporate management.

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nuveon's mVariants

mVariants is nuveon's web-based and secure configuration software. The intelligent modeling concept and the self-rendering configurator deliver fast results with short feedback cycles. This untangles your product's complexity and manages your product variants' diversity. In addition, mVariants offers unlimited expansion possibilities, is scalable and can be individually adapted to the requirements

and processes of your company.

Device agnostic
Evergreen release

Access secured via firewall and SSL
No release changes necessary

Maximum compatibility

Simplicity and speed


The mVariants software

Icon - konfigurator

Product configurator

With this base component, you can systematize your entire product portfolio intelligently and clearly. Our software knows no limits. Our holistic master data management reduces the maintenance effort to the absolutely necessary minimum. After a very short training period, you will be able to configure your product yourself thanks to the user-friendly, clear interface. You can further process this configuration in any of the following features.


The Features



Many options and flexibility to always meet your needs!

We understand that every customer has their individual needs, processes and requirements. One of nuveon's strengths lies in our ability to be flexible and adaptable. Our software is designed to allow for quick and easy changes, which is beneficial not only during initial implementation, but also over the long term for maintenance and expansion.

Icon - Preisrechnung

Price Calculation

This feature provides you a sales price for each configuration. You decide whether you arrive at your price on the basis of a price list or by means of a full cost calculation. The price is comprehensible, transparent and evaluable at all times.

Icon - Warenkorb

Shopping Cart

With this feature you organize your configurations. You determine sequences, quantities, descriptions and desired price corrections. The shopping cart collects your products and passes them forward to processes like offers, orders, receipts and other systems.

Icon - Belege

Supporting Documents

With this feature you can generate a descriptive text for each product from each configuration. This is made possible by our forward-looking generic concept when configuring your product. You determine which documents you need when you place your order. Everything is possible.

Icon - Projektmanagement

Project Management

With this feature you get a complete sales control. It organizes customer data, orders, offers and sales staff. Our state and status transition management gives you a complete overview of all sales processes. Individual Statistics and evaluations  support you in day-to-day business. 

Icon - FiBu-Schnittstelle

Accounting Interface

This feature allows you to transfer invoices and credit notes to your financial accounting. Additional accounting-specific functionalities can be defined during the quotation process.

Icon - Schnittstelle mHub Plattform

Interface mHub Platform

With this feature you generate production orders, determine required operations, their schedules and the technical information required for the transfer to our mHub production optimization platform.

Icon - ERP-Schnittstelle

ERP Interface

With this feature you can use our innovative product configurator in combination with your existing ERP system. Additional ERP related functionalities are possible and could be defined during the quotation process.

Icon - Mehrsprachigkeit


This feature enables you to use the user interfaces, including the associated documents in other languages. This gives you an enormous benefit in terms of Personnel flexibility and sales opportunities.


mVariants is the turbo for your company!
Check it out yourself with our door-configurator demo.

Have we awaken your curiousity?

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