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nuveon's award-winning software
for production optimization

We offer a comprehensive selection of tailor-made IIoT modules and editions for companies and organizations


nuveon accompanies you with comprehensive solutions for your efficient Industry 4.0 production

Whether your production process needs flexibility, speed, simplicity, or all of these benefits, nuveon offers a wide range of solutions for a wide range of roles, machines and connections.
nuveon’s solutions which could support full digitalisation of your processes, enable the collection, tracking and smart evaluation of machine-data throughout the entire cycle of production. 

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nuveon's mHub

mHub is nuveon's web-based, secure production optimization platform.
It combines extensive 
IIoT and MES functionalities paired with a comprehensive selection of tailor-made IIoT Modules and Editions. It also offers unlimited expansion options, is scalable and adapts individually to the requirements and processes of your company.

Device agnostic

Evergreen release

Access secured via firewall and SSL
No release changes necessary

Maximum compatibility
Simplicity and speed

mHub is independent

No installation required


nuveon guarantees
maximum compatibility and scalability


The mHub modules

With the mHub platform as a foundation, Modules are software applications developed to meet various market needs. Each module offers a wide range of functionalities, framed by a user-friendly, intelligent interface.



The mHub Editions

When a company needs powerful software on which to base its own system, nuveon's mHub Editions are the answer. Highly customized and flexible technologies that fit every system and need.

Icon - Plantafel

Planning Board

With this module you get an overview of all your production orders and production lines. Move and plan processing sequences via drag & drop, and define status for necessary resources and influencing factors. Approved plans are automatically transferred to shop floor terminals and the ERP system.

Icon -  MES


The quick and precise processing of tasks at terminals requires an intuitive and simple information and control structure. Thanks to the event-driven interface, it is easy to collect data in a plausible manner. By mapping real processes, their complexity can be captured at the push of a button. This makes All displayed orders bookable.

Icon - Fehlererfassung

With the help of this module, no production defect is overlooked. The user logs component defects directly when removed from the machine. Defect's location easily identified via a grid-overlay over an image for maximum accuracy. The associated evaluations provide an overview of the defect areas, their frequencies and more.

Defect Capture

Icon - Instandhaltung


A state-of-the-art visualization, recording and management of machine maintenance work. A clear image of the shop floor with status indicators helps the user create and modify maintenance plans. This module helps you ensure that your Machines are always ready and available for the next production cycle.

Icon - TrackTrace

Track & Trace

With nuveon's Track & Trace, holistic inventory transparency is ensured. This module safeguards accuracy with delivered items. It uses quantities directly from production orders, ensures compliance with FIFO and much more.

Icon - eKanban


Expending the benefits of the familliar Kanban board - agility, efficiency, simple workflow - this module was built with the complexities of your logistics processes in mind. Color-coding and clean layout help clarify complexity and push things forward.



Many options and flexibility to always meet your needs!

We understand that every client has their individual needs, processes and requirements. One of nuveon's strengths lies in our ability to be flexible and adaptable. Our software is designed to allow for quick and easy changes, which is beneficial not only during initial implementation, but also over the long term for maintenance and expansion.

Icon - Edition

Education Edition

A great example of the power of the cyber-physical system of which mHub is a defining component is nuveon's white-label Education Edition. The Education Edition is designed to be used in teaching automation professionals and academics. Its interface was specially developed for the Learning Factory 4.0 CPS-i40® from ETS-Didactic and optimized for its unique didactic concept. The Education Edition is a great example of how we can combine automation knowledge with production planning knowledge, which until now has been a missing link in production system efficiency.
The CPS-i40® is a training line that uses real industrial equipment to demonstrate various aspects of implementing industrial automation. This training line includes the latest PLCs from Siemens, that support OPCUA directly in combination with mHub, nuveon's powerful IIoT platform, which not only collects data but provides a real-world workflow to support production control and optimisation. The mHub Education Edition enables the "one-piece-flow" on the line by supplying variant data to the automation system. 
With the help of RFID-chip pallets, which serve as product carriers, cans with red pills are being filled up with different colors, which can be selected at the available web shop. This simulates the variants complexity in a modern production process. Each of the production-line stations, referred to as system modules within mHub, delivers data like PLC states, errors and prod counts: yield and scrap. At the end of the training, the trainee will have sealed cans full of content and the necessary knowledge to build an automated production line that will not only deliver products, but also the necessary data for continuous improvement of the production process.
This edition contains the mHub MES module that teaches young professionals how the ERP/MES planning process works and how they can develop PLC programs to support this process and measure the OEE KPI. A specially developed demo web shop makes it possible to create simulated production orders independently of an ERP System, which relieves the students of creating master data. A planing game app called "Jonas Game" teaches the students how importance it is to identify and control bottlenecks. It serves as an introduction to the theory of constraints and the lean manufacturing paradigm.

Icon - Edition

LogTEC Edition

Using the mHub module, the LogTEC edition provides a special interface for mobile loggers that flow with the product carrier in a production line. Quality measurement and predictive maintenance data is offered through an interface specifically designed for Agathon's Logtec Mobile Logger for the Chocolate manufacturing Industry. This solution enables AI applications for this purpose.
This software is designed to receive and analyze data from LogTEC data loggers. LogTEC consists of mobile logger devices that contain various sensors and are able to log data without being connected to a network for a while. The logged data can be shared by the devices via wifi once the connection is restored. The LogTEC gateway as part of the mHub LogTEC Edition bridges between the loggers and the mHub platform through a customized interface. The LogTEC loggers carry various sensors for different measurements such as temperature, vibration, pressure, humidity and more. mHub analyzes the data in real time, displays it through versatile charts and gauges using the System Process Data module and triggers alarms in case of limit violations.
The mHub platform offers users great flexibility through a robust setup, where different variables can be selected for analysis and comparisons, and different sensor data is displayed in real-time. Its web interface makes it accessible everywhere: on andon boards for shop floor workers , in the control rooms for planners, and on the desktop for data analysts.

Icon - Anlagen Prozessdaten

System Process Data

The module for system process data control combines traditional Statistical Process Control (SPC) for real-time monitoring of process intervention limits with the process data logging requirements. Focus given to the product data tracing and program monitoring when parameters change. Based on the protocol standards OPCUA, MQTT and REST, you can connect any system and monitor and save and evaluate their process data in real time. In addition, it provides the basis for creating solutions using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Quality and efficiency problems can be examined for

program parameter changes.


MES with minimum training 

For Allgaier Group

The time-consuming and costly manual process of operation bookings turned digital and efficient with the mHub MES module. The low-effort training was the “cherry on top of the cake”.


nuveon is your solution for efficient
production optimization

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